Saturday, November 10, 2012


Charlie Fuqua an Arkansas legislative candidate endorsed the idea of stoning disobedient children to death.  While his view may seem shocking to some, it is completely consistent with biblical law.  The Ten Commandments, as delivered by Moses directly from God, are not requests.  They’re commandments.  The violation of any one of them, including honor thy father and thy mother, are considered by god to be offenses worthy of death.  If we are a Judeo-Christian nation, bound by these beliefs, then stoning an unruly child to death should not be considered abhorrent but merely a manifestation of God’s will.

When would-be Senators Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock made their statements concerning rape they too were being consistent.  If a mother carries a baby created from rape to term she has no right to kill it because of the way he or she was conceived.  If life begins at the moment of conception then there is truly no legitimate reason to kill that life because it was created from a rape. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Center Right Country?

Note to Republicans: It’s not Mitt, it’s you.

You have not had a Presidential candidate break 300 electoral votes in 20 years. You have had in that time three big elections- all midterms. 1994, 2002 and 2010. Most of your “big” victories come from the fact that Democrats just don’t vote in midterms.

In 2000 the GOP “won” the electoral vote 271 to 266 (Gore had a faithless elector) with a 5 EV advantage. In 2004 Bush won 286-251 (Kerry had a dumb-ass elector who voted for Edwards for VP and Potus) for an advantage of 35 EVs.

Contrast this with the crushing electoral defeats Republicans have experienced: 1992 Bill Clinton defeats George Bush Sr. 370- 168 a 202 EV victory. Four years later Clinton beat Dole 379-159 a 220 EV victory. In 2008 President Obama beat John McCain 365 to 173 for a 192 EV advantage. In 2012 he beat Mitt Romney 332 to 206 for an advantage of 126 EVs.

So if you average out our 4 wins over the past 20 years Democrats have an average margin of victory of a little over 180 EVs and Republican’s have an average of 20 EV’s margin of victory. Much of this is due to the “genius” Karl Rove’s strategy of getting 50% plus 1. It’s a strategy built on the knife edge, and the GOP is now getting cut with it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hold On a Moment

At night, I am a cantankerous and surly blogger, during the day I am a meek, mild-mannered paralegal who works in records acquisitions.  As such, I spend a lot of time on the phone not talking to anyone. 
Yes, I’m supposed to be talking to people, but here’s how I actually spend my time:
 In On Hold Hell and Message System Hell.

First , On-Hold Hell:

Monday, March 19, 2012

Untruth in Labeling: Both sides are the same!

There's really no difference between the two parties, so it really doesn't matter which one you support.  Of course, the two parties I'm talking about are the Professional Left and the Tea Party.  Which parties did you think I was talking about?

 I increasingly cannot tell the difference between the two.  One turns right, and one turns left but they both arrive at the same destination: that Democrats - especially Barack Obama (neither side ever refers to him as President Obama) -are rotten sonsofbitches.

If you read any column by Glenn Greenwald he will tell you how President Obama has claimed the extraordinary right to Kill "American Citizens" without due process.  If you read any article by any right winger or listen to any right wing radio for any length of time they will tell you about the cosmic unfairness of the "death tax".

The use of the term "death tax" and "American Citizen" are both propagandist mislabels designed solely to hide the fact that we are referring to infinitesimally small groups.

An Open Challenge to Taylor Marsh and the Rest of the Professional Left: Name the President that Measures Up

Taylor Marsh wrote
FDR came from the 1%, but he didn’t govern from the 1%.
JFK also came from the 1%, but took on Big Steel.
Both FDR & JFK walked head-on into confrontation and weren’t afraid to make waves.
FDR connected with the people like few presidents since. JFK didn’t live long enough, but his connection to the American people and helping them dream is unquestioned and resounds today.
I’m also not disappointed to say most of the things Pres. Obama has accomplished most any Democratic president would have also done....
These are two separate quotes from two different articles by Taylor Marsh.   I put the two statements together because they illustrate the precise reason why so many Barack Obama supporters feel that the criticisms of Obama from the left are as racist as the criticisms of Obama from the right.  While her statements are not as obvious as a bone through the nose nor as crude as a field of watermelons they are still racist in that they have one standard for white men and another for a black man.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jon Walker is a Dumb Mother F***er

In a post entitled Trying to Take Health Care Out of the 2012 Election Jon Walker made this f***ing idiotic bold statement:

Despite claims that Obamacare would become popular after it was passed and promises that the Democratic leadership would keep fighting hard to win the PR war over the law, it has remained very unpopular. With the law designed to not even begin trying to make good on its big promises until over a year after the 2012 election, there is just no reason to believe the law is going to get popular by the election.
It seems the Obama team has basically made the calculation that they simply can’t win on this issue so they can only try to minimize the amount the issue of health care will be talking about.

At the time I called bulls**t:

This bill will not be “run” from because there’s no reason to run from it. When Romney or Newt says they will end “Obamacare” President Obama will be able to say “Oh, really? how will that play to the seniors, students and small business owners that are currently USING the bill”.
 Now, a little less than three months later, with Obama's campaign just beginning, there is proof that I was right and Jon Walker was wrong.  Here's three thirty second videos of them most definitely NOT minimizing health care talk: